The importance of active play

Why Active Play Is so important ?
Why Active Play Is so important

Children learn best when their whole bodies and minds are stimulated, and being active does just that. Free movement and active play is the most suitable form of physical activity for babies, infants and pre-schoolers.

Active play gives children the freedom to move at their own pace, and in their natural ‘stop–start’ pattern. Every child, regardless of their ability, can be encouraged to:

  • move their body in a range of ways and directions
  • use their imagination
  • have fun playing alone or with others
  • feel good about what they can do.

Getting the most out of active play also involves allowing your child to set the pace with new challenges, and enjoying a variety of experiences. The pace of activity can range from light actions (such as building or playing on the floor) through to vigorous actions (such as running or jumping). Sometimes you will need to join in with children’s play, while at other times you can just enjoy watching your child practice new skills. Watching your child’s active play can increase the fun for both of you – you can learn what your child enjoys doing, and your child can show off what they can do. You can offer praise, as well as simple feedback that further challenges or improves their skills – for example, prompting your child to ‘throw with the other arm’ or ‘run backwards rather than forwards’.

Outdoor play offers more chances to move,  explore and discover different environments. Finding objects outside that are thin, thick, light, heavy, smooth or different from each other can be a fun way for children to learn through using the environment. Similarly, moving around on the grass or sand, or simply feeling the breeze, is an opportunity to make the most of outdoor play. The outdoors is full of noises, sights and adventures just waiting to be explored. Physical activity should be a daily priority in every family, and for children of all levels of ability. Work with your early childhood setting to ensure that your child has a variety of opportunities to move actively and play freely for at least three hours every day.

‘Kids Mania at RPM’, is a multi-purpose children’s play zone comprising indoor and outdoor areas that targets the growing number of resident and visiting families to Phuket.

Conveniently located in the centre of the island Kids Mania at RPM offers a safe and fun environment with professional, trained staff for toddler’s and children up to eight years old.

“Kids Mania at RPM is something new for Phuket – a fun play area for children that is designed and managed by professionals. A stand alone facility that is open to the public.

The island’s number one choice for families and children, Kids Mania at RPM is a kids paradise with its air-conditioned indoor soft play area full of toys and ball pools, a large adjacent outdoor shaded play ground with climbing frames, play apparatus, swings and more, and three private indoor activity rooms.

Kids Mania at RPM offers day rates and monthly memberships, caters for private parties, and is open 9am – 6pm on weekdays and 9am – 7pm on weekends.