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Jay the Shark

Jay the Shark loves music and adventures. He likes to explore the sea with Loma, Ollie and Florence and they go on many adventures together. He is always happy and likes to have fun with all his friends.

Loma the Dolphin

Loma is the Dolphin princess of the sea. She is a kind and gentle princess and very polite. She always says hello and goodbye to people she meets and sawadee ka. She likes to swim in the sea and go on adventures looking for treasure with her friends.

Florence the Fish

Florence the fish is a happy fish and likes to tell jokes to her friends when they are out on adventures. She is also very fast and can swim very quickly. She loves to swim fast and likes to race her friends.

Ollie the Octopus

Ollie the Octopus is a smart happy octopus. He likes to read and learn about new things all the time. He also goes on many adventures with Loma, jay and Florence. He is very good at reading maps and likes to solve problems.